cisco aci firewall

Short overview about Is Cisco Aci a Firewall? and what's good to know about.

Cisco ACI is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that combines network virtualization, automation, and application-centric infrastructure (ACI) in a single platform. It is designed to help organizations simplify their data center networks and speed up application deployment.

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Cisco ACI includes a number of features that make it well-suited for use as a firewall. First, it supports both layer 2 and layer 3 networking, making it ideal for use in hybrid environments. Second, it offers a wide range of security features, including access control lists (ACLs), intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), and application-aware firewall policies. Finally, Cisco ACI is highly scalable, supporting up to 16,000 ports in a single fabric.

While Cisco ACI is a powerful firewall solution, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for traditional firewalls. Rather, it should be seen as a complement to existing firewall solutions. When used together, Cisco ACI and traditional firewalls can provide a high level of protection for data center networks.

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