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Short overview about Cisco Aci Licensing and what's good to know about.

Cisco ACI is a software-defined networking solution for data centers that offers centralized application policy enforcement and programmability. It is available in two editions: Base and Advanced. Cisco ACI Base Edition provides basic functionality for application orchestration and connectivity, while Advanced Edition adds comprehensive layer 2 and layer 3 gateway capabilities.

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Cisco ACI is licensed per physical server. A server can be a leaf switch, spine switch, or appliance. The first server in an ACI fabric must be a spine switch; all other servers can be either spine or leaf switches. All switches must be the same model.

The number of servers that can be deployed depends on the edition and the model of the server. For example, a Cisco Nexus 9300-EX switch can support up to seven servers in a Base Edition fabric, or up to 14 servers in an Advanced Edition fabric.

Cisco ACI offers two types of licenses: subscription and perpetual. Subscription licenses are valid for a specific period of time, after which they must be renewed. Perpetual licenses do not expire, but they must be registered with Cisco to continue receiving software updates.

Cisco ACI Base Edition is available with a one-year subscription license or a three-year subscription license. Advanced Edition is available with a three-year subscription license. Perpetual licenses are also available for both editions.

When choosing a license type, keep in mind that a subscription license includes the cost of software updates, while a perpetual license does not. If you plan to keep your ACI deployment up-to-date with the latest software releases, a subscription license is the better option.

If you have any questions about Cisco ACI licensing, please contact your Cisco account manager.

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