fault F1680

How to resolve fault F1680 with the name fltAcRuleIpOperStFailed

Cisco System Model: Fault fltAcRuleIpOperStFailed

Cisco System Model: Class ifc:eventmgr:fltAcRuleIpOperStFailed

This pages provides an overview over ACI Fault: F1680

Explanation: This fault occurs when either the total Atomic Counter or Latency rule reaches maximum programmable limit or an unsupported modification is made on an Atomic counter or Latency policy. The acRule does not get programmed and is instead stuck in failed state.
Recommended Action: To recover from this fault, try the following actions If the fault occurred because of a policy modification, disable and re-enable the atomic counter/latency policy with the changes. If the fault occurred because the maximum limit was reached, remove unneeded Atomic Counter/Latency configuration policies to accommodate new policies. If the above actions did not resolve the issue, generate the show tech-support file and contact Cisco TAC.

Raised on MO: ac:RuleIp
Fault Name: fltAcRuleIpOperStFailed

Unqualified API Name: operStFailed

Code: F1680
Applied Mo DN Format

  • topology/pod-[id]/node-[id]/sys/ac/ruleIp-[ruleId]
  • sys/ac/ruleIp-[ruleId]

Type: operational
Cause: ac-provisioning-failed
Severity: minor
Weight: 100
Message: None
Help: None
Triggered By: operState equals failed

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