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What is Cisco ACI?

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Cisco ACI is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that enables decoupled network hardware and software innovation. ACI simplifies and automates network infrastructure to make it more agile, scalable, and secure. It does this by providing a single point of policy control and programmability for physical and virtual devices across the data center.

Cisco ACI delivers:

• Increased agility and speed of deployment through programmability and automation

• Greater scalability through a centralized policy model

• Improved security through micro-segmentation and application isolation

• Reduced TCO through hardware and software integration

How does Cisco ACI work?

Cisco ACI uses a centralized policy model to define and enforce network policies across the data center. This model is based on application requirements, rather than network infrastructure.

Policies are created using Cisco ACI’s policy language, which is based on the OpenFlow standard. These policies are then compiled into a set of instructions, called a Programmable Instruction Set (PIS), which is sent to the network devices.

The PIS is used to configure the devices to implement the desired network policies. This configuration is then enforced by the devices, without the need for human intervention.

What are the benefits of Cisco ACI?

Cisco ACI provides a number of benefits over traditional network architectures, including:

• Increased agility and speed of deployment: Cisco ACI’s centralized policy model enables rapid application deployment through programmability and automation.

• Greater scalability: Cisco ACI’s policy-based approach enables the network to be easily scaled to meet the demands of new applications and users.

• Improved security: Cisco ACI’s micro-segmentation and application isolation features improve security by reducing the attack surface and preventing lateral movement within the network.

• Reduced TCO: Cisco ACI’s hardware and software integration reduces the need for multiple point products, resulting in lower TCO.

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