what cisco aci architecture

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The Cisco ACI architecture is a unique end-to-end system that helps enterprise data centers meet the most stringent performance, security, and scalability requirements while still providing the flexibility to support a wide range of applications.

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The Cisco ACI approach to networking is based on three key concepts:

  1. A single, centralized policy model that can be applied consistently across the entire network

  2. A physical infrastructure that is optimized for performance and flexibility

  3. An open, standards-based software platform that allows for the easy integration of third-party applications

The Cisco ACI architecture is designed to meet the needs of modern data centers by providing:

  1. Increased performance through hardware-based line-rate switching and low-latency, cut-through routing

  2. Greater flexibility with support for multiple protocols and industry-standard interface cards

  3. Improved security with role-based access control and integration with leading security solutions

  4. Simplified manageability with a centralized policy model and unified management tools

  5. Reduced costs with an open, standards-based software platform that leverages existing investments in network and server infrastructure

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