what are the benefits of cisco aci

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In a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world, your IT infrastructure needs to be agile, efficient, and secure. The Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) is a unique application-focused architecture that enables your data center network to respond quickly to business needs while maintaining security and high availability.

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Cisco ACI provides the following benefits:

-Faster application deployment: With Cisco ACI, you can deploy new applications up to 70 percent faster than with traditional data center networking approaches.

-Increased agility and efficiency: Cisco ACI enables you to rapidly respond to changing business needs with its flexible, policy-based automation.

-Improved security and compliance: Cisco ACI helps you enforce security and compliance policies consistently across your data center.

  • reduced complexity and cost: Cisco ACI simplifies data center network operations and reduces costs with its centralized management and intelligent automation.

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