cisco aci use cases

Short overview about Cisco Aci Use Cases and what's good to know about.

Whether you’re a small business or enterprise, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) delivers unmatched automation and programmability to help you simplify your data center infrastructure and speed application deployment.

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Cisco ACI provides a comprehensive policy-based application infrastructure that enables you to automate application deployment while still providing the flexibility to support multiple deployment models. ACI also helps ensure consistent application performance and security while reducing operational costs.

The following are some common Cisco ACI use cases:

  1. Application Deployment

With Cisco ACI, you can use templates to quickly and easily deploy applications in your data center. ACI automatically configures the network infrastructure to support the application, including creating virtual machines, load balancers, and firewall rules. This helps to ensure that applications are deployed consistently and with minimal manual configuration.

  1. Application Performance Management

Cisco ACI provides comprehensive performance monitoring and reporting for all applications deployed in the data center. This includes real-time monitoring of application performance, as well as historical trend analysis. ACI also provides the ability to set thresholds and receive alerts when application performance degradation is detected.

  1. Application Security

Cisco ACI includes built-in security features to help protect your applications from attack. These features include application whitelisting, intrusion detection and prevention, and malware protection. ACI also provides the ability to create custom security policies to further secure your applications.

  1. Operational Efficiency

Cisco ACI helps to improve operational efficiency by automating many common tasks, such as application deployment, network provisioning, and security policy management. This reduces the need for manual configuration and frees up staff to focus on other tasks. In addition, ACI’s centralized management console provides a single point of control for all data center operations.

  1. Cost Savings

Cisco ACI can help to reduce data center costs by consolidating hardware and eliminating the need for manual configuration. ACI’s template-based application deployment reduces the time and effort required to deploy new applications. In addition, ACI’s centralized management and automated network provisioning can help to reduce operational expenses.

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