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Short overview about Cisco Aci Postman and what's good to know about.

If you’re a network administrator, you’re probably familiar with Cisco ACI. ACI is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that allows you to manage your network infrastructure centrally. ACI is designed to simplify network management and make it more efficient.

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One of the best things about Cisco ACI is that it can be managed using a tool called Postman. Postman is a free, open-source tool that makes it easy to work with APIs. It’s been around for a while and is very popular among developers.

If you’re not familiar with Postman, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with using Postman to manage Cisco ACI.

First, you need to download Postman from the official website. Once you’ve installed it, open the application and click on the “Create” button.

In the “Create” dialog, select “Request” and then enter the following URL:


Replace “{{host}}” with the IP address or hostname of your Cisco ACI controller.

Next, select the “Body” tab and select “raw”. Enter the following JSON in the body:


Replace “{{username}}” and “{{password}}” with the username and password of your Cisco ACI account.

Click on the “Send” button to submit the request. If everything is correct, you should see a response like this:


The “ticket” is your session ticket. You’ll need this in the next step.

Now, let’s try to get a list of all the endpoints in ACI. To do this, we’ll use the “GET” method and the following URL:


Make sure to replace “{{host}}” with the IP address or hostname of your controller.

In the “Headers” tab, enter the following headers:

X-Auth-Token: {{ticket}}

Content-Type: application/json

Accept: application/json

Replace “{{ticket}}” with the ticket you got in the previous step.

Click on the “Send” button to submit the request. You should see a response like this:


This is a list of all the endpoints in your ACI fabric. As you can see, Postman makes it very easy to work with the ACI API.

In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do with Postman and Cisco ACI. To learn more, we recommend checking out the official Cisco ACI documentation.

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