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In recent years, Cisco has been one of the leading companies in the development and deployment of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a comprehensive SDN solution that enables customers to simplify data center network infrastructure and reduce operational costs. ACI key features include:

  • Centralized Policy Management: ACI enables customers to centrally manage network policies and configurations through a single pane of glass. This simplifies network administration and reduces the potential for human error.
  • Application Fluidity: ACI’s application-centric approach enables customers to easily deploy new applications and services while maintaining high levels of security and performance.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: ACI scales linearly, so customers can start small and scale up as their needs grow. ACI’s flexible policy model enables customers to tailor network configurations to meet the specific needs of their applications and workloads.
  • Open Standards: ACI is based on open standards, so it integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of third-party products and services.
  • Investment Protection: ACI is designed to work with existing network infrastructure, so customers can deploy ACI incrementally and without disruptive changes to their network.

Cisco ACI is a powerful SDN solution that helps customers simplify data center network infrastructure, reduce operational costs, and speed up the deployment of new applications and services.

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