cisco aci apic Upgrade path

Short overview about Cisco Aci Apic Upgrade Path and what's good to know about.

When it comes to Cisco ACI APIC upgrades, there are three main paths to take: in-place, parallel, and staged. In-place upgrades are the most straightforward, and involve upgrading the APICs one at a time without interrupting service. This is the recommended approach for most deployments.

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Parallel upgrades are useful when there is a need to minimize downtime, as they involve upgrading two APICs at a time. This approach requires more careful planning, as the APICs must be configured identically before the upgrade.

Staged upgrades are ideal when upgrading a large number of APICs, or when there are complex dependencies between APICs. This approach involves upgrading a small number of APICs at a time, and then gradually rolling out the changes to the rest of the deployment.

No matter which approach you take, it is important to have a plan in place before beginning the upgrade process. Make sure to test the upgrade process in a non-production environment first, and have a rollback plan in case of any unforeseen problems.

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