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Cisco ACI is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that enables network administrators to centrally manage network policies and provisioning. ACI is designed to simplify network management and increase operational efficiency. The Cisco ACI API is a RESTful API that provides programmatic access to ACI fabric data and functions. The API is divided into two parts: a northbound API that exposes ACI data and functions to external applications, and a southbound API that allows ACI to communicate with external devices.

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The Cisco ACI API documentation is extensive and provides detailed information on how to use the API. The documentation is divided into sections that cover the different types of API calls, such as retrieving data, configuring ACI objects, and managing ACI fabric. The documentation also includes a section on troubleshooting and a section on known issues.

The Cisco ACI API is a powerful tool that can be used to manage ACI fabrics in a variety of ways. The API is easy to use and the documentation is comprehensive. Network administrators who are looking for a way to simplify network management and increase operational efficiency should consider using the Cisco ACI API.

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