aci cisco

Short overview about Aci Cisco and what's good to know about.

The Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a Cisco initiative to improve data center network management and reduce operational complexity. The ACI approach is built around a central policy model that can be applied to both physical and virtualized resources, allowing for consistent management across the data center.

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The ACI policy model is based on the concept of application profiles, which allow administrators to group together the various components (networking, storage, compute, etc.) required to support a particular application. This approach makes it possible to deploy and manage applications in a more declarative fashion, reducing the need for manual configuration.

In addition to simplifying application deployment, the ACI policy model also enables greater visibility into application dependencies and performance. This is made possible by the use of application-level telemetry, which can be used to identify issues and optimize performance.

The Cisco ACI approach represents a significant shift in data center networking, and has the potential to greatly simplify network management.

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