fault F1663

How to resolve fault F1663 with the name fltCoopDomCoopDomOracleVersionLower

Cisco System Model: Fault fltCoopDomCoopDomOracleVersionLower

Cisco System Model: Class ifc:eventmgr:fltCoopDomCoopDomOracleVersionLower

This pages provides an overview over ACI Fault: F1663

Explanation: This fault occurs when the version of the Council Of Oracles Protocol (COOP) running on a spine (oracle node) is determined by another spine to be lower than what is currently supported. No impact to connectivity should be seen due to running at lower version. However, failure to upgrade the fabric node firmware on the spine that contains highest supported version of coop may impact coop performance or coop may not operate with supported functionalities introduced in the higher coop version.
Recommended Action: To recover from this fault, try the following actions Verify there is no spine (oracle node) with a lower coop version than highest supported version running in the fabric. To verify the spine with the lower version: Use the GUI to examine the maxVersion value under Fabric > Inventory > Pod > Leaf > Protocols > COOP > [domain-name] > Oracle Adjacencies > [spine ip]; or Use REST API to examine the maxVersion value from https://[spine-ip]/api/mo/sys/coop/inst/dom-[domain-name].xml?query-target=subtree&target-subtree-class=coopOracleAdj; or Use CLI to examine the maxVersion value in file /mit/sys/coop/inst/dom-[domain-name]/oracle-[spine-ip] Upgrade the fabric node software on the spine in question to a version that has the highest supported coop version running in the fabric. You can examine other spines to determine what switch firmware version to upgrade to. If the above actions did not resolve the issue, generate the show tech-support file and contact Cisco TAC.

Raised on MO: coop:Dom
Fault Name: fltCoopDomCoopDomOracleVersionLower

Unqualified API Name: coopDomOracleVersionLower

Code: F1663
Applied Mo DN Format

  • topology/pod-[id]/node-[id]/sys/coop/inst/dom-[name]
  • sys/coop/inst/dom-[name]

Type: operational
Cause: protocol-coop-version-mismatch
Severity: warning
Weight: 100
Message: None
Help: None
Triggered By: councilMinMaxVersion equals v1 and curVersion equals v1 and maxVersion equals v2

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