fault F1371

How to resolve fault F1371 with the name fltPconsRADeploymentStatus

Cisco System Model: Fault fltPconsRADeploymentStatus

Cisco System Model: Class ifc:fltPconsRADeploymentStatus

This pages provides an overview over ACI Fault: F1371

Explanation: This fault occurs when deployment of policy to a leaf/spine fails.
Recommended Action: Check the state of leaf/spine using “acidiag fnvread” and make sure the state of the leaf/spine is active. If not active Check if leaf/spine is down Check network connectivity of leaf/spine to controllers If above options did not solve, create tech-support and contact Cisco TAC If active Create a tech-support file and contact Cisco TAC

Raised on MO: pcons:RA
Fault Name: fltPconsRADeploymentStatus

Unqualified API Name: deploymentStatus

Code: F1371
Applied Mo DN Format

  • registry/class-[clId]/instdn-[polDn]/ra-[ctx]-[svc]-[systemId]-[systemType]-[slotId]-[updateType]-[resolverType]
  • registry/class-[clId]/instcl-[class]/ra-[ctx]-[svc]-[systemId]-[systemType]-[slotId]-[updateType]-[resolverType]

Type: operational
Cause: policy-deployment-failed
Severity: major
Weight: 100
Message: None
Help: None
Triggered By: deployStatus equals failed and systemId not equals 0u and nonDeployable not equals true

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