fault F0751

How to resolve fault F0751 with the name fltFabricProtGEpOperStateFail

Cisco System Model: Fault fltFabricProtGEpOperStateFail

Cisco System Model: Class ifc:policymgr:fltFabricProtGEpOperStateFail

This pages provides an overview over ACI Fault: F0751

Explanation: This fault occurs when a virtual Port Channel (vPC) policy is no longer deployed because both of the member fabric nodes that are part of the vPC pair are not ready to receive policies
Recommended Action: If you see this fault, take the following actions:

Raised on MO: fabric:ProtGEp
Fault Name: fltFabricProtGEpOperStateFail

Unqualified API Name: operStateFail

Code: F0751
Applied Mo DN Format

  • topology/pod-[id]/node-[id]/local/svc-[name]-id-[id]/uni/fabric/protpol/
  • uni/fabric/protpol/

Type: config
Cause: oper-state-fail
Severity: critical
Weight: 100
Message: None
Help: None
Triggered By: configSt equals not-deployed

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