fault F0532

How to resolve fault F0532 with the name fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg

Cisco System Model: Fault fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg

Cisco System Model: Class ifc:eventmgr:fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg

This pages provides an overview over ACI Fault: F0532

Explanation: This fault occurs when a port is down and is in use for epg
Recommended Action: If you see this fault, take the following actions Check the port connectivity Remove the configuration or administratively shut the port if the port is not in use To remove the static port configuration from EPG go to Tenant->ApplicationProfile->ApplicationEPG->Static Ports and remove the affected port if not being used. For mcp-loop-err-disable, this could be due to a loop in the network. Check the config to resolve any loops For lacp suspended ports, check for following issues - Check whether peer device supports lacp or not. Enable LACP feature in peer device, if peer device requires explicit global configuration. Check vlan range configured part of member interface and port-channel configurations matches. Check whether peer physical interface is added to port-channel as member interface. Check whether lacp is configured on member interface of peer device. If peer switch is of Cisco’s, issue “show lacp counters” and verify interfaces of peer device are sending LACP PDU. Using the “show etherchannel summary”/“show port-channel summary” command, ensure that the port-channel shows the S (Layer-2) and U (in use) flags, and that both the interfaces appear in the ports column with the P (bundled) flag. If peer switch or router is not manufactured by Cisco, Please contact customer support of peer device’s manufacturer for not sending lacp or recommended configuration guidelines. For reason of suspend(connected) port, check whether VPC domain is configured in GUI Fabric-> External Access/Access Policies ->Virtual Port Channel defaul to tie two switches part of VPC domain if intent is to make two switches part of VPC. If the above actions did not resolve the issue, create a tech-support file and contact Cisco TAC.

Raised on MO: ethpm:If
Fault Name: fltEthpmIfPortDownInfraEpg

Unqualified API Name: portDownInfraEpg

Code: F0532
Applied Mo DN Format

Type: communications
Cause: interface-physical-down
Severity: critical
Weight: 100
Message: None
Help: None
Triggered By: operSt equals down and not usage contains blacklist and usage equals epg and operStQual not equals mac-pinning or not usage contains blacklist and usage contains epg and operStQual not equals mac-pinning and lastLinkStChg not equals 0ull and operSt equals down

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